The photographers.

"My hope is that we continue to nurture the places that we love, but that we also look outside our immediate worlds."

Annie Leibovitz, Photographer

Gabriel Goldberg

Gabriel has been fortunate to work with some of the most famous people in the world. What excites him about this project is getting to photograph faces no one's ever seen before, and whose story no one knows. 

It's one thing to take a picture of somebody who is constantly in front of the camera - something uncharted to take a photo of someone who has never been photographed, and give it to them for the first time.

Gadi Habumugisha

Gadi is an inspiring young man from Rwanda who was raised by Rosamond Carr at Imbabazi Orphanage. He currently attends university at the Kigali Institute of Science & Technology.

Gadi is an up and coming Rwandan photographer who also teaches photography to children in schools around the country.