The people making it happen.

A team of individuals brought together by enthusiasm for travel and shared passion for photography. We’re always looking for opportunities to see the world in a new way, share it with others and do what we can to improve it for all.

Daniel Kerzner 

Global Explorer

Daniel's passions are travel and photography. Over the past 10 years he has visited over 80 countries, all 7 continents and has taken more than 100,000 photos. 

He's excited to have this opportunity to give back to communities around the world who have given him so much, one photo at a time.

Katerina Orfanidi

Travel Enthusiast

Katerina has had the travel bug since she was very little. By the time she was 10, she had visited Korea, Hong Kong and Australia - and also countries closer to home in Greece such as France or the UK.

It's always the people and cultures that shape us. This project ticks all the boxes; travel, photography and giving back to communities in a real, tangible way.

Peter Pietrzkiewicz

Travel Aficionado

Travel is the most exciting way to experience another culture. Seeing the way people go about their daily lives provides an experience that can't be matched. 

Participating in this project helps Peter spark some excitement in others, the way he have been fortunate to experience.

Randle Roper

Experience Artist

Growing up in Louisiana, Randle's childhood travel experiences were limited. That changed in 1999 when he got his first passport and went to Istanbul, Turkey. 

Having now explored over 115 countries, this project allows Randle to give back to a world that has given him so much.